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Today I came across a meditational blog post I wrote several years ago. Whether you are a person of faith or not, I hope that its message will be inspirational for those of you who are in a time of silence in your life - where words are few, where answers are scarce and where wisdom is needed. Sometimes the answers we seek or the direction we need isn't found in all the voices screaming around us or all the activities pushing and pulling at us. Sometimes the answers come when least expected and without one word being spoken.


I strain my ear to hear it and then it finally comes. What is it? Nothing, absolutely nothing! It is late evening when my family is finally asleep and the house is uncharacteristically quiet. I drink in the “sound” of silence. What a beautiful “sound” it is. It whispers like ocean waves reverberating through a seashell, or like a cool breeze dancing through the trees. It even sings a melody that rocks me to sleep like a lullaby. I wonder why I have often been afraid of this blissful “sound”? It is so peaceful, so reverent… it brings a holy harmony that was drowned out earlier by the noise of the day. It chimes in with my thoughts, and then marches to the beat of my own heart. As it wraps me in a blanket of heavenly bliss, I am amazed at the other “sounds” that blend with perfect unity to create a symphony unlike any other. I hear my heart’s cry, I hear my Lord’s command, I hear my Shepherd’s call. They all blend to lift me to a crescendo of praise that wells up in my heart, but my lips are unable to speak. I stand still in the awe of the sound of silence – for it is in this “sound” that I hear the voice of God. His voice speaks to me with words that cannot be uttered, phrases that man or demon cannot understand – for it is in the silent expressions of the heart that I feel what the angels must’ve felt as John the Revelator received just a taste of heaven’s most beautiful music – silence.

Do not be afraid if you cannot “hear” God speak tonight. Do not dread the moments when it seems life stands still. For it is in “silence” that the most holy presence of God can be found. It is in “silence” where the most perfect love can be felt and it is in “silence” where abiding peace dwells. If you listen closely to “silence” you will hear God “breathe” – yes just like you hear a loved one or a child who lies next to you peacefully sleeping at night. What a comforting “sound” silence is! Listen to its voice tonight! Dance to its song! Enter in to its concert hall. If I am very quiet, I know that I can stay here for awhile without anyone finding me. How amazing! It is my own personal performance given by angels, orchestrated by God. So sing to me “silence”, write your lyrics on my heart and as I lie down to rest, rock me to sleep with your love song one more night…

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