That "Beautiful Thing"

It's been one of "those" weeks. If you've followed my writing for any length of time, you know exactly what I mean - one of those "knock you to your knees" flare-up weeks. You know that old saying "weak as water?" Well that would be an understatement. Lord have mercy what a difference a week or even a few days can make! Last weekend I was running on "love" with adequate energy for all that was planned for our Mother's Day festivities. I did what those of us do who deal with fibromylagia or other such illnesses that produce chronic fatigue, pain and flare-ups. I put my engine in high gear and plowed through the weekend trying to make the most of every moment. Then come Monday, "it" happene

House of Mirrors

*Editor's Note: As much as I enjoy laughter, levity and encouragement in my writing, sometimes transparent commentary is what the "doctor orders" most. Today is one of those days! I hope my reflective thoughts resonate and even "hit a nerve" with us all to the point we are motivated to a positive course of action and interaction... Last night I got a double dose of reality. The movie "We Were Soldiers" starring Mel Gibson was playing late night. Restless and unable to sleep, I thought watching a few minutes of an old movie would help but was I ever wrong. This was not the movie to lull me to sleep. Oh I've tuned in to action movies before and fallen asleep because I wasn't really following

"God's Touch For Mothers" - A Mother's Day Prayer

It is special occasions such as Mother's Day that opens the floodgate of my memories pouring them over me like a southern rainstorm on a blistering summer day. Today I pulled out a poem I had written a few years ago for the mother of a dear friend of mine. I've always felt a kindred spirit with her. She and I both had faced adversity as young mothers. I understood what she faced being left alone to care for a child. Actually, she had three children and gave more than her ALL to care for them and raise them. Even when she was blessed with a loving companion later on, she still took on a labor of love when he became crippled due to devastating disease in his body. Now in her seventies and lon

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