The Gift Of Love

Tonight I was looking through old pictures from "Christmases long long ago." Like the ghost of Christmas Past, I hovered over scenes of memories through the years. Some of those moments were filled with laughter and outright silliness. The "silliness" moments often included my sweet Aunt Betty. This woman loved life and having fun! She would sit at the piano and "take off" across the ivories like Santa's reindeer trotting off a snowy rooftop with her own rendition of familiar carols and Christmas hymns. She would don a hat, a bow or bells and giggle like a little girl while her fingers rang out "Jingle Bells" on the keys. Soon, her infectious laughter would melt into tears as she slowed the

The Christmas Tree

It's a week later than I like, but I finally put up my big Christmas tree. I have to fully disclose that is all I've done though - put up the tree. Right now it is a blank canvas of evergreen. Each Christmas season, my house is turned into a Christmas village - a holiday wonderland. There is no room left to question whether or not I love Christmas.! It is a monumental undertaking - one that many in the South embrace with enthusiasm and passion. I am no exception. I've spent every day since Thanksgiving week adding to my holiday decor, saving my main tree for last. My love of Christmas and "donning the tree" goes much further than our southern tradition. As I sit here looking at my old worn t

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