"Never Give Up, Never Surrender!"

I'll never forget the first time I saw the movie Galaxy Quest with my son years ago. He was seven and I was single again. I have to admit that I felt just a little like the characters who portrayed the cast from the "series" Galaxy Quest in the movie. I had been whisked away into outer space it seemed, with nothing but a few years performance battling "aliens" of one sort or another. Finding myself divorced again, alone with a young son, no job, bills piling up and health issues manifesting themselves, I realized that our ship had become much more than a prop where we were acting out the daily scenarios of life. Suddenly it was our lifeboat in a dark sea of reality. Sole responsibility reste

Sixties Baby

When I started writing this post, I realized that my topic would expose me. No woman really loves telling her age, but here I am doing just that and I have to say, I think I'm doing okay for an "old lady!" Yes I am a "sixties baby" - the age of psychedelic flower prints, white go go boots, peace symbols, bell bottom pants, Afros, and a message of "love sweet love" that rang out in the love revolution. Our musical tastes ranged from the Beatles to John Denver, from rock-in-roll to soul, from country to jazz and everything in between. Since I was born at the onset of the decade, I was still in that transition phase form the simplicity of the 50's to the revolution of the 60's. I was raised in

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