Ordinary People

Have you ever wondered why many celebrities change their names when they are trying to build their career? I suppose it could be because they want to keep their family and life history private and protected, but it is usually something as simple as wanting a “catchy” name that will cause them to stand out and be remembered. They choose a name that easily rolls off the tongue or sticks in one’s mind, or an elegant name that just screams “I’m a star!” I understand a lot about how a name affects you one way or another. Take mine for example – “Starla.” I didn’t even have to change mine! I was given the task from birth of dealing with it – good and bad! Some people love the name and many just c

In Between

I woke this morning somewhere in between nostalgia and hope. As I perused my Facebook news feed, I looked at pictures and read comments from the many celebrations of the Easter weekend reflecting on my own moments from days gone by. Some of my memories were lovely celebrations of life - just like the ones being shared by my online friends and family. I recalled other moments, however, that were shrouded with uncertainty, doubt, and at times, fear. It dawned on me, while reading the many Easter messages posted, that the symbol of the cross, the grave, and ultimately the empty tomb was a vivid metaphor of life. Historians say that the actual crucifixion where Christ was on the cross lasted ab

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