A Sure Thing...

Someone once said that the only sure things are "death and taxes." While those are certainly unpleasant absolutes in each of our lives, there are many more things that are "sure." All you have to do is look at the news coverage of the aftermath of the hurricane disaster in Texas. Watching "every day heroes" in the form of emergency rescue workers, neighbors and volunteers from other states, it is apparent that the human spirit is a sure thing - both in the display of compassion by those helping others and in the resiliency of those needing help. When times get rough people display passion and heart, perseverance and determination no matter the difficulty. Even more beautiful is that in the m


For over a week I have been looking for just the right photo to portray the strong emotion and feelings that my words could not adequately convey. I came across this photo that I used several years ago as I began chronicling my "journey" in preparation for my first book "Journey Within My Heart." If I could express what my heart is feeling it is that one simple word "broken." I watch the news of protests that continue to escalate to riots and violence with such degrading words, rhetoric, and actions so despicable that fringe sides are treating each other worse than animals. I see elderly people being punched in the face simply for their patriotism, police officers being doused with water bot

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