Today I came across a meditational blog post I wrote several years ago. Whether you are a person of faith or not, I hope that its message will be inspirational for those of you who are in a time of silence in your life - where words are few, where answers are scarce and where wisdom is needed. Sometimes the answers we seek or the direction we need isn't found in all the voices screaming around us or all the activities pushing and pulling at us. Sometimes the answers come when least expected and without one word being spoken. "Silence" I strain my ear to hear it and then it finally comes. What is it? Nothing, absolutely nothing! It is late evening when my family is finally asleep and the ho

Something Bigger

In one heart-wrenching moment, something happened this week that illuminated the darkness of division and political opposition. After receiving permission from Carryn Owens, widow of a fallen Navy Seal, the President of the United States took a moment to honor her husband Ryan Owens during the Congressional Joint Session. As Carryn stood to her feet, the sound of thunderous applause echoed through the Congressional hall. Tears stained her face as the whole world watched. This Navy widow raised her head to the sky, whispering words of love to her fallen husband. "I love you baby" she mouthed, struggling to breathe and overwhelmed with emotion. The standing ovation lasted for two and half minu

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