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Earth Angels

Sunday night I took a moment to record a video that I called "Earth Angels" as a thank you to those special everyday angels in my life who show up when I need them most. You know the ones I am referring to - the ones who "step in when the whole world walks out." Time slipped away and I did not get the video uploaded, but still wanted to acknowledge them. We all have them - those sweet and wonderful Earth Angels. They may be a bit ragged around the edges, sporting crooked halos and broken wings; they may push us to our limits, get on our last nerve and even crash our pity party no matter how loud we sing "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!" Still, they make life doable, bearable and worthwhile. What they do instead of joining our pity party, is to give us a pep talk, a helping hand and even a swift kick in the butt to remind us that "dancing in the rain" is much better than crying through the storm. I, for one, know I would not be here if it were not for my Earth Angels. I'm not sure how they know when I need them. It's like they are hovering out there somewhere watching and waiting and they always step in. My sweet daddy will show up to help in my yard; Mama will send care packages of groceries if I haven't gotten out to shop for food due to painful flare-ups. A friend will call from far away on a most stressful day just to make me smile! A card or letter, music CD or bouquet of flowers will arrive in the mail or at my doorstep with exactly what I need at the very moment I need it. My son will call and say "I am ordering take-out what would you like to eat?" Or he will work a long work week only to give of his hard earned resources to take up the slack when needed. Someone will offer to be my "handy man" or "mechanic" to take a look at my car or hot water heater, faucet, toilet or air conditioner, or anything else that has become the victim of "Murphy's Law." They don't just step in, but step up and do what they promise to do no matter how inconvenient it is for them or their schedule. They don't put me "on their schedule" but put aside their schedule for me. They don't just add me to their "list" but make me their priority when I need them the most. I guess you could say they are love in action or as my southern grandmother used to say "Jesus with skin." Believe me, I don't take my Earth Angels for granted. I find motivation to be better than I am, to push harder than I think I am able, and I try to show my gratitude by reciprocating their love and attention, care and giving spirits. I sometimes miss the mark in "angelic ness," but I hope that they at least see my desire to be their Earth Angel as well - broken wings, crooked halo and all! Thank you my Earth Angels! You are not the "wind beneath my wings" you ARE my wings! From The Heart, Starla

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