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Thoughts From A Woman's Heart

This weekend our nation participated in what is called the "Peaceful Transfer of Power" as our new President was sworn in. It was beautiful with its ceremonial tradition, and for a few hours within the confines of the Inaugural celebrations and festivities, the vast differences and political divide was hidden from view. Beyond the surface, this American tradition was anything but "peaceful," however. While I sat in my bird's eye view in my living room, and while those fortunate enough to attend some of the festivities were well protected behind elegant architectural walls, hundreds of protestors were taking over some of the streets of our historical political bedrock of Washington D.C. just a stone's throw away from the White House. Because I had looked forward to experiencing the thrill of tradition, I chose not to watch too much of the negative media on the night before and then the day of the Inaugural.

Today however, I finally veered into the world of the mainstream media to see what was occurring outside those historical walls. I had enjoyed every second of the "pomp and circumstance" and honestly did not want the magic, awe and wonder of the experience to be shattered with the realities of what was outside the safe walls. Finally, I tuned in to programs that were covering another massive gathering today - the day after. It had been dubbed the "National Women's March." I had kept up with its preparation prior to the day, and frankly did not want to be a part of it. Still, I knew that in order to fully embrace this political season in America, it was necessary to get one more glimpse of the opposing view so that I could speak about it from a place of understanding and knowledge. After watching a few segments, it didn't take long for me to retreat from what I saw and heard. While I applaud free speech, I feel angry that this event was titled by a name that I carry with honor, gratitude and humility. I consider being born a woman a high calling. WOMAN was created to be the heart of the home and family, the stabilizing force of community and society. WOMAN was endowed with a strength wrapped in tenderness that can't be compared. This vulgar, hateful, divisive rhetoric being spewed by feminists and liberal elites in the name of "Women" that I heard earlier today is a slap in the face to those of us who have different views. It should've been titled the "Pro-Choice March." The very fact that a certain feminist women's group that is also a pro-life group had been told they were banned from the march, says all that needs to be said. This was not an "all inclusive" women's march at all and certainly not one to inspire the little hearts and minds of the tender little girls that had been brought to experience the event along with their mothers and grandmothers. It was not women celebrating women or at least not all women - only those who agreed with them. It showed little respect for the little "women" in training there, no respect for those who were banned and none for themselves by reducing womanhood to the spewing of vulgar rhetoric, hateful resistance, and sexual overtones while demeaning the beauty of each woman there by having them wear "symbols" on their heads, shirts etc. of the very body parts that they complain are objectified and disrespected. Still, I need to express that I truly respect the women who came from across the country to march because it shows their passion to stand up for their rights and the rights of other women - or at least some other women.

I do not respect the leaders, however, who refused it to be about all women and used it to promote only their agenda. This victim's mentality and rhetoric is counter-productive to the cause they say they represent. The truth is, there are no limits to what a woman in today's society can accomplish. The only limits are the one's you set for yourself. To blame failures on institutions, a political party or even our President is lame. Our President has employed and empowered more women than any of the speakers on the platform today. Our President raised two lovely, respectful, intelligent and empowered daughters who are role models for young women in our country. He has a wife who is a testament to the power of what a woman can accomplish and the true American dream. She came from a communist country, went through the legal process and became a citizen and a successful business woman. She overcame what some deem, questionable choices in her early life and career, rose above ridicule and criticism, and now stands with poise and grace as our nation's First Lady. One of the speakers today stated that the voice of "we the people" is more powerful than the President and the leaders of our country. She was right because "we the people" spoke according to the laws of our Constitution and Donald J. Trump is our President. I have to be completely transparent. I am sick and tired of the division, sick and tired of the excuses, the blame etc. We, who did not vote for President Obama still managed to be upstanding citizens, patriots, wives, mothers, daughters, business women, students etc. without wreaking havoc, causing more division or disrupting commerce, community and daily life of those we disagreed with. This behavior is a disgrace. Protest - but don't demean; march - but don't disrupt. Show respect for the office of the President and our nation, if not the President himself. This pathetic display doesn't hurt our President, it hurts our country and our respect on the global stage.

When the women of America behave in such a crude and callous way, it is the very reason that you see our young people and the Millennial's out on the streets wreaking havoc, setting fires, destroying businesses, attacking and harming those they disagree with etc. We are the ones who instill and deposit a sense of dignity, respect, compassion and character in our children. To condone and even enable anarchy demeans the high calling of women. I think it is past time that we stop the yelling at each other, at our President or at the other political party or group and start listening to each other. I understand that this was and is the goal. My concern is that while each of those who stood together heard one another, the rest of the women of America and even the world who do not agree with their agenda had a deaf ear turned to them. The media will paint a picture that suits them with no regard for how it divides and destroys. Start listening to each other rather than the "news." Start listening to what our President himself is saying rather than what is reported he is saying. And most importantly, start watching - not what is said but what is accomplished. We can and should hold one another accountable including our President. I think, however, we must start with holding ourselves accountable for our own behavior and words. We can hurt or we can heal, we can speak life or continue to beat ourselves down until liberty, love of country and each other completely dies. Women, you and I can take the lead to restore our Divine and high calling; not of self service but of nurturing and serving, of teaching and protecting those who cannot care for themselves. Those coming behind us are watching and their behavior directly reflects ours. It is time to be the champion and the diplomat. The voice of truth and the hands of healing. Our voice and our touch is what provides a safe place for our children and a refuge for our companions. It provides acceptance to those unlike us and validation to those with whom we agree. I have never been more proud to be an American and never more proud to be a woman!

"Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me!"

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