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Sep 25, 2017

A Time And A Place


Because I am a strong advocate of people expressing their voices in political discourse - CIVIL discourse, what I am posting may seem contradictory. Exercising our First Amendment right comes with wisdom and discretion. There is a proper time and place for everything we say and do. Recently the venues and institutions that have historically been "safe places" that we as Americans could come together in unity to celebrate and escape the many serious issues of life have become political platforms. Long gone are the days when we can simply sink into a movie theater chair to escape in fiction, or cheer to the top of our lungs in the stands for our sports team. We can't even go to a concert to get lost in our favorite music without being subject to some form of political statements, propaganda and conflict. This for me is wrong on every level. Of course everyone has the right to free speech, but when customers, patrons, fans etc. pay to hear music, to watch football, to enjoy a movie, they should not be forced to be a part of someone's political protest or agenda. Companies and corporations would not allow such of their employees towards their customers and clients and neither should Hollywood, the NFL, NBA or music industry. Below is a commentary (rather long but hopefully worth your read) with my thoughts on the recent controversy and outrage over NFL players "taking a knee" at the national anthem and not honoring our flag, veterans and country. This is my opinion of course and I am sure not all agree, but hopefully it explains more of the thoughts behind the outrage. So tell me, what do you think about it all? (The link is to the original post on FB.)





To those who don't understand why some of us are upset at the NFL protests. Maybe this can explain it. I am all about 1st amendment rights, free speech etc. Here's the thing. Those players are not on that field as individuals. They are representing their corporation, their institution, their employers and their paying fans and yes even their country because they are recognized all over the world. If any of us were to stage a protest at a public event sponsored by clients or customers of our company, we would be reprimanded and/or fired. People are even fired these days for their personal views and opinions on Facebook when it goes against their employers official stance on things. Doing what they are doing while "on the clock" for the NFL is not the appropriate venue for protesting. It is a bad reflection on the sport that has historically united us all as Americans regardless of political or socioeconomic background. It is a slap in the face to those who have fought for that freedom.


Oppose oppression, oppose racism, oppose inequality but don't use the very symbol (the flag) and defenders of your freedom (veterans and soldiers) to do so. It creates a level of disrespect leaving a terrible example for those children, teens and young adults that look up to these athletes. If we don't show pride in our country, the next generation won't feel the need to defend, protect or care for it. Besides these athletes are in the top 1% making more money in a year individually than half of the fans in the stadium combined. Nothing screams oppression and inequality quite like wealthy athletes protesting right? Wrong obviously. It is a shameful lack of gratitude for freedom and opportunity by these athletes disrespecting the very venue and country that provided that for them.


What I find amazing is that those who do not understand why we are upset over the "taking a knee" protests of the flag and country, are also some of the ones who think that a lone player off to the side taking a moment to thank God on bended knee is disrespectful and that it has no place; and also don't think that a coach has the right to pray with his team for safety and protection in the locker room before coming on the field.


Funny thing is, all of the issues that the protesting players and teams say they are standing up for are not new. Why didn't any of them take a stand in the last eight years? Why don't they spend all their time and money away from the NFL to be a voice and a hand for good by doing something other than "taking a knee?" This isn't about wanting to make a change it is about using their platform to be seen and even to publicly display their hate for a President they disagree with and didn't vote for. Sports arenas, musical stages and movie theaters that we pay to attend, should not be political platforms. These are the few places where Americans can come together and celebrate life and freedom and the joys afforded us in unity.


If these athletes wanted to make a change, they would be doing it even while no one is looking like the many every day Americans that we've seen during the recent disasters. Americans who want to fight for others, to make a difference and unite America do so each and every day by serving their communities, helping their neighbors, fighting fires, patrolling streets, feeding the homeless, caring for the sick, sitting with the elderly, being mentors at boys and girls clubs and serving in the military fighting for freedom across the globe - while no one is looking and no cameras are around.


This outrage over this behavior is not about what they are doing on the field or the sidelines, but about what they are NOT doing off the field. They don't care about it "off season" or off camera - at least they haven't for the last 8+ years. This is the issue. It isn't America that is the problem, it is the hate in people's hearts that is the problem. If we are going to stand "arm in arm" like these athletes it should be FOR our country and our freedom not against it. It is disrespectful... PERIOD!

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  • starlarich
    Oct 5, 2017

    Tonight I was watching commentary on the President and the First Lady's handling of the tragedies that our nation is enduring and has suffered over the last couple of months. The thought came from a quote that proclaims "if you could carry the pain and suffering of all those around you, you would not be able to handle or shoulder it all." The commentator went on to say that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have "pretty much done just that." Put aside what you personally think of our American President and his soft spoken wife for a moment - whether you agree or disagree with their policies, whether you like or dislike their personalities. Love them or hate them, as leader of our nation, commander in chief and comforter in chief, they have faced everything from staunch resistance of the opposite political party and their followers, 24/7 criticism from the media concerning everything from what they say to what they wear, from what they do to what they eat. They have been accused of every despicable act imaginable both criminal and immoral. Every minuscule detail of their personal past, their business past and their social past has been dug into. Their family members have been attacked, mocked and ridiculed - even their eleven year old son and unborn grandson. Death threats have been boldly issued from obscure haters to prominent celebrities. Plays have depicted assassination and a comedian depicted a beheading while people laughed and cheered. Crowds have protested, riots have been orchestrated putting supporters and citizens in harms way. Neighborhoods, local businesses, communities, universities and cities have been ransacked, looted and faced destruction of property. Beyond that, the President and First Lady have dealt with military disasters of colliding ships, crashed planes resulting in loss of life of military personnel. An unhinged dictator has threatened nuclear attacks on our homeland and international terrorists have been relentless in their propaganda and violent war against humanity. A domestic terrorist ambushed members of the Senate at a baseball practice. In the last couple of months, they have faced three devastating hurricanes on American soil and most recently the worse mass shooting in the history of the United States. Think about ALL of this for a moment. Everything that has happened has occurred in the space of just nine months! The strongest of us would buckle under such pressure. We would either lose our minds or walk away. President Trump and his wife did not have to take on this task of leading our country. They had everything one needs in life. They are not politicians. Even more, they are not even taking their salary for shouldering literally the weight of the world. How would you fare each night when you laid your head down to rest? Would any of us even be sane through such pressure, resistance and tragedy? I know it would be more than I could endure. Yet through all of this, they have stood in the face of adversity, of opposition and most recently, of criticism over every step they take in response to tragedy and crisis - with strength, leadership and grace under pressure working and striving for unity of us all as Americans. I am confident in saying that I don't think anyone could stay as focused, as determined or as positive. I know I couldn't - could you? I couldn't walk a step in their shoes, let alone a mile. I personally have a great deal of respect and compassion for them shouldering so much and trying to encourage and unite in the face of it all. It shows incredible strength and courage. What are your thoughts?
  • starlarich
    Apr 25, 2017

    Today I read the attached article. In light of the global unrest from dictatorial enemies, I wonder. How much time will we continue to waste on our "us vs. you" mentality of domestic politics concerning who speaks where, who uses what restroom, to trade or not to trade, safe spaces or open platforms etc. If we don't come together to cherish our nation, ensure our safety, respect our leaders and be aware of our enemies, we will cease to exist. National security and economic strength and stability on the world's stage make all our petty personality and personal opinion squabbles pale in comparison. What do you think? DC Preps For ‘Full-Scale’ Attack as Tensions with North Korea Rise by staff First responders around the Washington, DC metro area are planning to conduct a “full-scale” drill on Wednesday to simulate a coordinated attack on the nation’s capital. The exercise will involve hundreds of emergency workers, police, firefighters, staged evacuations, and will also feature actors portraying victims and casualties. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments , a group that represents over 23 local governments and agencies in the capital area, released a statement outlining the new security drill. “Law enforcement officials and other first responders will participate in a full-scale exercise on April 26 designed to prepare for the possibility of a complex coordinated terror attack in the National Capital Region,” said the statement. “The regional exercise will be staged at six sites in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia, and will involve hundreds of police, fire, and emergency medical service personnel and volunteer actors.” The drill will take place on the same day all 100 members of the US senate visit the White House for high-level briefings over the deteriorating situation on the Korean Peninsula. President Trump has repeatedly said the United States is unwilling to co-exist with a Nuclear-capable North Korea that can strike the US. 
  • starlarich
    Mar 25, 2017

    Just watched the press conferences following the result of the healthcare bill debate and subsequent pull of the bill. It was a reminder to me about commitments the President made to the American people. He promised to make changes to benefit "we the people." This agenda on the healthcare bill was not in the best interests of the people as a whole so it was pulled. Truthfully it should not have been pushed to begin with. We can place blame on one political party or the other, on one faction or another, one leader or another or even on the President. My observation on all of it, is this. Our "civil servants" (and I use that term loosely) are voted in to be advocates for the people, not for themselves, their party, their agenda, their ideology etc. It is beyond time for our government leaders to think about what is best for "we the people" - ALL the people. What a world it would be if it became about the good of the people, the strength of a country. What do you think? Like him or hate him, it seems the President wants to make it about the people again, but the swamp is deep and the stronghold of power is fierce.