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Apr 24, 2017

Keepin' It Real


One of the most courageous things for a person is transparency - allowing others to truly see in side our hearts and to freely express our feelings and emotions. It requires a level of self confidence and a measure of trust in those you decide to open up to. Sometimes when people don't respond to our expression as we hope, we find ourselves apologizing for our words or expression. Don't do it! It is a beautiful display of self-confidence, self-love and respect and trust for others when you can freely share your heart and mind and express yourself with openness. People relate to other people when they choose to be real. It makes us all more relatable and connected. Besides, isn't it better to be a bit misunderstood than not heard at all? The worse thing ever is to live with regrets of words not spoken, feelings not shared, or deeds not done due to fear of rejection. I choose to live with no regrets how about you?




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  • starlarich
    Apr 10, 2017

    Thursday, I had to pick up my Mom to take her for scheduled eye surgery at the hospital. It was during rush hour traffic and when I got to the exit of my neighborhood, I wondered if I would ever get out on the highway to even get to her. As the traffic flowed past me, a car slowed down and motioned me out in front of them. Insignificant? Maybe, but it set the tone for my whole day. It is the small things that people do every day that restores our faith in humanity and reminds us of the goodness in others as well as draws out our own goodness! News networks and social media magnify the negative even if the bigger story is something positive and uplifting. Why? Because people thrive on drama and the sensational. Still, just think how many stories silently unfold each day and are left unnoticed even if they make a huge impact in the day or life of another or even the world. In spite of all that, I am convinced that people are longing for goodness again and for a reason to hope through all the turmoil and chaos in the world. I think there is way more goodness in the world and in others than we know. We can never underestimate the power of a good word or deed no matter how small. We could be the reason a person believes again, has hope again and courage to keep going again. I want to be that reason. How about you? Do you have a story of an act of kindness or goodness to share?
  • starlarich
    Mar 25, 2017

    Some people spend their whole lives searching for "happiness," when true happiness is right there all along - not in possessions, status or society standards of success. Happiness is not something tangible and therefore can't truly be found in tangible things. At the end of life those in our lives will not remember what we bought them, what we did for them but how we made them feel and how we used our time, talents, love and compassion to make a difference in their lives. Don't waste your whole life pursuing "happiness." Be the agent of happiness by living a life of gratitude for those true treasures in life. When you think of happiness in your life what comes to mind?