Thoughts From A Woman's Heart

January 22, 2017

This weekend our nation participated in what is called the "Peaceful Transfer of Power" as our new President was sworn in. It was beautiful with its ceremonial tradition, and for a few hours within the confines of the Inaugural celebrations and festivities, the vast differences and political divide was hidden from view. Beyond the surface, this American tradition was anything but "peaceful," however. While I sat in my bird's eye view in my living room, and while those fortunate enough to attend some of the festivities were well protected behind elegant architectural walls, hundreds of protestors were taking over some of the streets of  our historical political bedrock of Washington D.C. just a stone's throw away from the White House. Because I had looked forward to experiencing the thrill of tradition, I chose not to watch too much of the negative media on the  night before and then the day of the Inaugural.


Today however, I finally veered into the world of the mainstream media to see what was occurring outside those historical walls. I had enjoyed every second of the "pomp and circumstance" and honestly did not want the magic, awe and wonder of the experience to be shattered with the realities of what was outside the safe walls. Finally, I tuned in to programs that were covering another massive gathering today - the day after. It had been dubbed the "National Women's March." I had kept up with its preparation prior to the day, and frankly did not want to be a part of it. Still, I knew that in order to fully embrace this political season in America, it was necessary to get one more glimpse of the opposing view so that I could speak about it from a place of understanding and knowledge. After watching a few segments, it didn't take long for me to retreat from what I saw and heard. While I applaud free spe