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Apr 25, 2017

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


We all have a critic or two. Unfortunately sometimes the harshest critic is the one staring back at us in the mirror! If you want to see how truly beautiful you are, go stand in front of the mirror, take a deep breath - then close your eyes! That's right... close your eyes! This is the way to see your true beauty. Allow yourself to see who you truly are deep in your heart. If you still do not feel beautiful, a new lip stick or hair style will not totally transform you. It must begin inside. Become your own cheerleader and take a good long look at all the beautiful things that make you YOU! If the years have dwindled down your self-worth in some way, it will take a little time, but continue to dwell on the many wonderful ways you shine - your giving spirit, your sparkling smile., your loyalty to family and friends, your "can do" attitude. Close your eyes and begin to envision the beauty that fills your heart and mind. Then, before long when you open your eyes and look into the mirror you will see it - amazing BEAUTIFUL YOU! What do you think? Does attitude about yourself project in your appearance? Does an ugly heart manifest itself into an ugly appearance despite what the physical attributes are?




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  • starlarich
    Jul 15, 2017

    If people do not love you for you, then they aren't worth having in your life. Don't compromise, or try to be something you're not just for approval from others. Love starts in your own heart for yourself.
  • starlarich
    Apr 30, 2017

    Isn't it strange how two people can observe the same event, object or person yet be extremely diverse in their description of what they see? I suppose that is why it is said that beauty is in the "eye of the beholder." We all see things differently and we all have different tastes, likes and even expectations. What might be seen as a unique endearing feature to one person, could be perceived as a flaw to another. As a teen, I had one such feature that I considered an awful flaw. The one part about my appearance that I disliked more than any other was my legs! I am a petite "vertically challenged" woman, so long legs were not a part of my genetic make-up. Through my teen and young adult years, I was so petite that I didn't even weigh enough to give blood. The one thing out of symmetry with my petite frame, however, were these two stubby "drumsticks" - really great calves mismatched with "thunder thighs!" At least that was my perception. "Drumsticks" is about the most apt description I can think of. I simply have never liked the shape of my legs! Through the years, there has been the girl in my mind, the girl I see in the mirror, and also the one in my heart, and there have been times that they weren't the same one at all. For years, the one in my mind had kept "jumping" in front of my true reflection. It wasn't until someone special revealed to me what they saw when looking at me, that I began to embrace the person I saw in the mirror as well as the one tiptoeing around in my heart. My sweet "encourager" told me I had that "beautiful thing going on" during one of my worst days - then told me how much they liked drumsticks! How sweet, funny and uplifting is that? I've come a long way towards acceptance of that person in front of me ever since that day. None of us are perfect, but no matter how much we try to improve our looks, we will never be that imaginary person in our head. We could never live up to those expectations. When we take care of ourselves, our bodies, our health and our attitudes, that is what is real and genuine and beautiful. Be kind to yourself today and love yourself. If you don't who will?
  • starlarich
    Apr 5, 2017

    Came across this little test to determine our level of "maintenance." I've thought I was a bit high maintenance but after adding up my applicable categories - not so much! :) Maybe I've relaxed a bit over the years! How about you? Are you high maintenance? The total score is 74. My score was 34 so I suppose that wasn't so bad! Share your score and let's compare!