When I was "knocked to my knees" several years ago due to health issues, I came to a stark realization that I was not the sum total of all that I could do or accomplish or all that I possessed or acquired. I was of much more value than my "stuff." What an epiphany I had! The issues and challenges I faced became a catalyst for growth as a person and as a writer. I made it my mission to be able to make a difference not "in spite" of the issues, but because of them! Along my journey to better health, my desire is to offer hope - understanding that there is life beyond whatever health challenge you may face. For me personally, it has been a life-changing journey being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, degenerative disk disease and more. I have learned that while my life will never go back to "normal," I have a new normal that has launched me into a phase of life that I would never have dreamed or attempted otherwise. I am most grateful for the new path and new opportunities. If you would like to read more, take a moment to visit the health networks and articles below....


                To Your Health!