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Freeom Voices United

The Great Awakening

If you sense a shaking in the earth, you are not alone. There is a shaking - one that began years ago and has been ramping up the last several years. This shaking is not random, circumstantial nor coincidental. It is both divinely directed and humanly devised for "we the people."

Those in power globally have been in control far too long. They have perpetrated evils beyond human imagination. As I began to discover just how deep this evil thread is woven in our world, my heart was broken, spirit crushed, and soul grieved. Evils such as human trafficking, abuse of children, sex slaves, satanic rituals and secret societies is something that every day citizens know little to nothing about - or at least until "The Great Awakening" began through those seeking the truth.

The movement of thousands who began digging deep to discover what has been "hidden in plain sight" has unearthed things that we can no longer turn a blind eye to. This movement began in response to a group of powerful leaders in the military who were determined to fight back against globalist powers, plans, and agendas. These military leaders, along with President Trump and other good leaders of the world have been working behind the scenes to expose the evil and corruption that has held us captive for so long.

The "Plan" as they call it, has been years in the making. As a matter of fact, the first video below this message  is actually a prophecy concerning this plan and series of events that have unfolded since. The minister who shared these prophecies, actually passed away just months before things came to light. He would have no human way of knowing any of this.

The videos that are posted here, will explain both what you see and don't see. Some of it is graphic, all of it is appalling. You may be surprised at some of the "players" in our society who have secretly been a part of this evil cabal. Power in politics, fame in Hollywood, and success in business and industry comes with a high price it seems.

I hope each of you that were directed to this page will view each video with an open mind and prayerful heart. They can explain things in a way that I never could. Through my research and interaction with other "digital soldiers" who have gathered information, I felt that my steps were divinely guided. As I learned more and more, I connected to former military who were part of briefings through the years and able to confirm so much of the information I had gathered.

Since I first began this project to share TRUTH, our nation has been shaken to the core with a political coup. I ask you not to lose heart. It is all optics. God is still in control and our military is working behind the scenes to both restore and renew our Republic. The group occupying the White House in D.C. are there illegitimately. As the evils of this cabal are exposed, more and more fellow Americans from both sides of the aisle are and will be waking up. If efforts to restore our Republic seem slow, understand that exposing the darkness was necessary to bring us together again. So with that in mind, prayerfully explore what I am presenting to you as a foundation for all that will continue to be exposed.  Since President Trump ordered full declassification of government files and secrets, material is coming out that is almost beyond belief. No matter how shocking or sickening some of the videos are, watch them anyway, look anyway. Read the referenced info anyway. Why? Because "the truth will make you free."

It is no coincidence that President Trump has been surrounded by military generals, clergy etc. (Some of you know these military and clergy members personally.) While events at present appear dismal and confusing, trust and do not fear. Power is being given back to the people, the authority and glory belonging only to God! We are in exciting times and yes, prophetic times. Stay strong and know that "we are in this together!" GOD WINS!

With love and a humble heart,




The  Prophecy

Messages spoken by Kim Clements from the early 2000's until his death in 2015, have been realized one after another with incredible accuracy. He foresaw the presidency of Donald J. Trump as well as the onslaught of attacks against him.

The Path

The Plot

The Purpose

The Promise

The Proclamation

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