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Author, motivational speaker, encouragement coach, blogger, business owner, mother, college football fanatic, political junkie & certified southern belle... Not necessarily in that order!




Have something on your mind? Need to just "sit a spell" and chat? There's nothing like a "heart to heart" to make sense of life's complexities. We can laugh a little, cry when needed, think awhile about things, or simply refrain from thinking at all as we stop and smell the "magnolias!" Yes, that's this southern girl's favorite flower! There is no topic too big or too small to start a dialogue about. Let's talk! Join me as we share about life "stuff" great and small!

"Life Speak" with Starla Rich

"If you  truly want to be heard... whisper."

"Southern Whispers" with Starla Rich

The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated southern woman. 
~Winston Churchill
Let's get away from the noise to "sit a spell" and chat - about all that matters in your life or your day... health & wellness, brains & beauty, fashion & fun,
faith & family, career & community.
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