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Starla Rich

Author, motivational speaker, encouragement coach, blogger, business owner, mother, college football fanatic, political junkie & certified southern belle... Not necessarily in that order!

If you asked Starla about herself she probably wouldn't start with any of the descriptions from the list above - well perhaps except mother and "certified southern belle!" She was born and raised in Alabama along the Gulf Coast, and would be the first to tell you that her southern upbringing is responsible, in no small part, for the person she is today. That means  love for people and country with respect for everyone - young, old, rich poor; all races, religions and lifestyles. There was never a shortage of lots of "yes ma'ams and sirs" for everyone growing up - no matter their age. She has a strong sense of family and faith, and in her words - has a heart "the size of Texas."

Starla is a passionate advocate against domestic violence and is a health warrior for those battling chronic pain and health conditions and diseases. She is founder of Blessings for Belles - an organization that was created for the purpose of "paying forward" encouragement and hope through various venues. Starla is also a health writer and blogger, and is currently a featured contributor to New Life Outlook, an international health network based out of Canada.

Starla hosts a global online community and writes a multifaceted blog which ranges from reflective devotions to humorous stories of her life in the South. She lives near her family along the sunny Gulf Coast and values the role she plays within her family.

Starla's first book "Journey Within My Heart," explores issues of depression, self-esteem and worth through reflection into tumultuous times in her own life. In 2013, the author was asked to share her story with 47,000 contestants during a global "Transformation Contest" hosted by the Early To Rise organization.

Starla is co-owner of "Southern Rich's," a family business that offers southern inspired products and services, as well as her published collections. Aside from writing, Starla enjoys public speaking, working with women's shelters and safe houses. decorating, entertaining, cooking and participating in her love of music. Starla comes from a musical family and began playing the piano and singing at age 9. Her natural talent culminated in a piano scholarship for college.

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